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Legit HYIP List

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There are over 4000+ HYIP's sites, most of them are scam, the above list is the best HYIP's so far that still paying (and growing) until now.
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*Based on own experience. Invest at your own risk.

LARA FAQs -- Part One

General Questions

What is LARA?
LARA is an automatic fund management system based on the highly secure messaging platform

Is it legal?
LARA WITH ME LLC. - is an official private US Delaware based organisation. 
All the necessary information can be found at the official state website.
File Number: 6100498 

How does the system make a profit?
By carefully analyzing and selecting the best, long-term investment projects on the internet, managing the investor's funds, LARA is able to generate passive income indefinitely. 
LARA - is an interactive program that is able to learn, communicate with users, help them to develop and unify based on general topics.

Why has been LARA created?
Her mission is to analyze and search for investment projects. She is able to use the funds of depositors, and produce daily, instant payments directly to the user account. Combined with the most advanced security and data protection tools, LARA can be considered the most stable and powerful instrument to help to generate passive income.

On which platforms the system will work?
LARA will work perfectly on any platform that supports Telegram. And these are all mobile devices and tablets that run Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC and laptops with the operating systems PC, Mac, and Linux, as well as web - versions in any browser.

How do I become an investor in the LARA system?
It's simple, having examined our information on the website, simply click the join button, and your browser will automatically direct you to the launching form of Telegram app where you should either login or install the Telegram platform on your device, or you can use the web version. 
You can sign in the Telegram messenger using a mobile phone in a single action. Once you login / join Telegram - in the selected dialog window with our bot simply press Start - and follow further instructions that Lara will provide.

How does the system earn a profit?
LARA system invests investors' money in carefully selected start-up projects with high income. The realised profit is distributed among the investors and the system under the conditions 70/30.

What data protection measures are taken by the system?
Today Telegram is the safest and the most secure messenger developed on the basis of MTProto protocol. Security methods include two types of encryption: based on 256-bit AES symmetric encryption, 2048 RSA and Diffie-Hellman key exchange protection. Because of this, our system is safer than any investment instrument online.

What is required to log in the system?
Install messenger or simply click "connect", tell LARA how much you want to invest, deposit the funds and start earning money immediately.

How many accounts can be created by each member?
Each member can create only one account in the system Lara as your account is linked to the Telegram profile.


All About HYIP

Everything You Need to Know About HYIP

What is HYIP? 
HYIP it is an abbreviation from High Yield Investment Program, they accumulate a capital from contributions of conventional Internet users. For use investors deposit, HYIPs are paid an interest from deposit, based on the investment plans. Feature of HYIP is that, interest is accrued on a daily basis (sometimes hourly, weekly or monthly). Percentage of interest can range from 0.5% to 10% daily! But, the best and safest option is 1-3% per day, it is 30-90% per month (more than annual interest in bank). Usually minimum contribution in HYIPs is between 1 and 20 dollars. 

How HYIPs earning so much money? 
Trading at Forex is a common legend, but also it can be developments in new technologies (know-how), trade antiques, oil, diamonds, alternative energy, gambling and other high-yielding activities. But, like any source of high income, HYIP is a very risky type of investment.

Is it the fastest and easiest way to make money? Where is the catch? 
There is one problem. HYIP, in the traditional sense, is almost gone. Most of the current HYIP is a financial pyramid scheme that does not earn money, but just pretend they are working. They pay interest not from the profits that have received, they pay from new deposits. Very difficult to distinguish financial pyramid and the real HYIP. While there is a flood of new deposits, HYIP-pyramid will regularly pay to all investors. Nevertheless, you can earn in HYIPs.

How big is the risk of losing money?
The risk of losing the money invested in pyramid or real HYIP approximately equally big. In the first case, it all depends on the popularity of the project and the inflow of new deposits. In the second case, success in trading or etc. Even the real Forex trading or poker may suffer losses, that can lead to the closure of the investment project. Despite the risks, HYIP industry becomes more popular with each year.

Can you give an example of a profitable HYIP? 
There are many examples, for over 10 years of the HYIP industry had the opportunity to earn in hundreds of projects. paid 1% - 1.9% every working day (5 days per week), worked 575 days. During this time, you could earn from 310% to 589% of net profit. paid 1% - 1.8% daily, worked 392 calendar days, earnings could be from 292% to 605,6%. paid 1.15% - 2.47% daily, worked 177 days, earnings could be from 103.55% to 337.19%. Other examples, payment proofs and reviews of investors you can find in Internet (HYIP Forums, blogs, HYIP Monitors). 

How to deposit money in HYIP? 
There are many electronic payment systems in the Internet. Some of them are anonymous, and some require full or partial identification. It is also possible contributions through a bank or via plastic card, if the administration of HYIP will provide that. The most popular payment system for investing in HYIP is SolidTrust Pay, Perfect Money.

How to become an investor in HYIP? 
Simply sign up in HYIP online and make deposit via electronic payment system, do not forget to withdraw profit everyday. Also, you need to have an account in the payment system through which HYIP accepts deposits. How to register or add money to account in any payment system you will find in the Internet, there is many information. Almost every HYIP have FAQ page, do not forget to read it, there is answers to most questions about investments.

What is the difference between the types of payments "Manual", "Instant" and "Automatic"? 
Manual payments mean that the administrator of HYIP makes payments manually. Instant payments means that orders of payment processed by program (site script), and produces immediately after request. Auto payments mean that the order and payment is done automatically, no need to visit HYIP site for payments request, money will automatically sent to an account in the payment system.

What is HYIP Monitor, why is it needed? 
It is website, such as this, which make lists HYIPs ranking. Rating based on analysis of technical information and personal experience of monitoring administration. Monitoring provide technical information about HYIPs that helps investors determine the choice of HYIP investment. In addition, monitoring shows the current payment status of the investment project and the regularity of payments. HYIP monitoring has active deposit and receiving payments like ordinary investors, on this basis monitoring shows payment status. Monitoring accept complaints from investors about problems with HYIP and gives recommendations to investors with problematic situations. There is a voting function in the monitoring, where each investor can place an assessment HYIP and leave a comment, which will see the other users of monitoring.